Budapest, my love


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Budapest, my love

We love Budapest and we want to make it yours. No matter if you are an expat or a visitor, we want to make you feel right at home. You know you are not the first to fall in love with the City, the list begins with Hadrianus Roman emperor, Atilla the Hun, more recently Emil Gerbaud, Adam Karl, Adam Clark or the Lady Mary Hamilton princess of Scottland, but Freddy Mercury, Woopy and Hugh Jackman are on the list as well.
Budapest is a vibrant and buzzing City, many calls it Paris of the East. We agree, Paris is beautiful, but there is only one Budapest. :)

Let's begin our walk at the Hungarian National Museum at 10:00 but please come to meet us from 9:45 AM


Telephone: +3620 228 6921

Price: 4 000 Ft/person
3 000 Ft/student, pensioner

Everyone is welcome!

We speak English, Dutch, Flemish, French, German and Slovak if necessary, but this tour is in the common language of the World. :)

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