Gastro-Cultural tours

If you are a fan of going local, this is your kind of tour. You'll experience all types of foods, from vegan to the juiciest knuckles, Jewish or Gypsy dishes, and the world famous drinks we have to offer.


We'll show you the best sweet and savory strudels of Buda, the tucked away local restaurants of Pest, and you can eat at the city's favorite beach on the Danube bank.













Paprika Nation


Although paprika originally comes from the New World, paprika is often associated with Hungarian cuisine. The use of paprika expanded from Iberia throughout Africa and Asia and ultimately reached Central Europe through the Balkans, which were under the Ottoman rule, explaining the Hungarian origin of the modern English term. Despite its presence in Central Europe since the beginning of Ottoman conquests, it did not become popular in Hungary until the late 19th century. Central European paprika was hot until the 1920s when a Szeged breeder found one plant that produced sweet fruit. This was grafted onto other plants. Nowadays, paprika can range from mild to hot, and flavors also vary from country to country. The plant that makes the Hungarian version of the spice was grown from 1529 by the Turks at Buda. The first recorded use of the word "paprika" in English is from 1896. It came from the Hungarian word paprika, which was a diminutive of the Serbian and Croatian word papar (meaning "pepper"). The word "paprika" entered a large number of languages, in many cases probably via German. Many European languages use a similar word, while examples from other languages include the Hebrew paprika [פפריקה] and the Japanese papurika [パプリカ]














Taste of the Country - Erdőkövesd


When it comes to the best open fire experience, you'll see how we are making the best Goulash and made it for thousands of years back in Asia.

Traditionally each house had an open concept summer kitchen often without walls, but our need for nicely smoked food is still a must do. Experiencing cooking under summer or winter sky, even only for a quick mulled wine is exceptional. You will be able to make your own in the gardens of Erdőkövesd, a nicely tucked away palóc village close to Eger. With its welcoming folks, and grannies' best homemade delicacies you will never want to leave.