Old Pest Downtown Tour


Best places of Budapest under a loop! Find out secrets about Pest’s past, how the downtown grew into the beautiful city you see today. With the exception of Saturday, Jewish Flódni tasting and coffee in, then discover why Pest is called Pest. We are going to stand on the top of a Roman settlement, the very first building of the Town and going to cruise on the Duna Korzó, as everyone did on Sunday afternoon, to find company to talk to.
















Váci utca tour


Váci utca is/was the chicest street in the City of Pest. Living here wasn’t only trendy, it was necessary in regard to make a successful business. As reported by the Magyar Bazár in 1866: “The whole country is familiar with their reputation. There is no doubt every woman... is familiar with the shop’s best characteristics.” Váci utca hosted the fanciest shops of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, being very central it had the most beautiful buildings at all time. Come with us and see it all, inside-out!


Király utca Tour


Király utca, also known as Budapest's Design Street, is filled with interior design and furniture stores, funky boutiques and modern art galleries, but it is not new that it is the trendiest part of Budapest. Király utca used to be the outer boundary of the former Jewish quarter. Gozsdu Court, a series of courtyards connecting Király utca and Dob utca, is also located here. This was once the core of the Jewish quarter with stores and workshops. Today, it's a residential complex with restaurants and cafés. Gozsdu Court comes alive every day, but we can make it even more interesting, and not just by shopping around and lunching. A weekly Sunday bazaar held from spring to fall. Don't forget that Andrássy Avenue runs parallel to Király utca and is only two blocks away, and the only Magyar Card printer had his factory on Kazinczy utca.


Andrássy Út Tour


Visit the palaces on the Champs Elysées de Budapest, live the life of early 20th century Hungarians by penetrating into there homes and the secret life of the high society. Learn about one of the most exciting stories about how a small town became one of the most important cities of an empire, the construction of the European Continent’s first underground, the Opera and the world’s first public park.
















Palace District Tour


Do you know who built Hungary's most exquisite palaces? We are using those palaces to stage forgotten luxury, love, and rivalry. We reveal the life of the Palace district of the period of the millennium, the good old days of English tea and grand soirées, revolutionary innovations, the district of international culture, writers, doctors and of course the gossip of the household. There has been a lot to talk about! And laugh ...