Public Transport

Budapest has an efficient network of public transport, including bus, trolley bus, tram, metro services, suburban railway lines called HÉV lines and boat services.


Passes are available for various lengths of time and are valid for each form of transport – metro, bus, tram, trolleybus, boat – within the Budapest borders. Single tickets that can be used on any form of transport are also available at metro stations, street kiosks or vending machines. They are valid for a single journey without transfer on the whole length of a line, which means multiple tickets are needed when your journey involves changes. Bus drivers on specific routes do sell tickets but passengers need to prepare exact amounts as no change will be given back.


If one regularly uses public transport, it is economically more viable to buy a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly pass.

Students are entitled to reduced rates. Holders of a valid student card are entitled to fare reductions, all retired person ride for free.


Metro lines


M1: the Yellow Line between. Vörösmarty tér and Mexikói út. In fact, this was the first subway line on the European continent, it operates since 1896.


M2: the Red Line between Déli pályaudvar and Örs vezér tere.


M3: the Blue Line between Újpest Központ and Kőbánya-Kispest.


M4: the Green Line between Kelenföld vasútállomás and Keleti pályaudvar.


Metro services run from 4:30 until 23:30.


Boat services


Budapest has 3 public boat lines:


D-11: Kopaszi-gát (Rákóczi híd)–Újpest, Árpád út


D-12 and D-13: Kopaszi-gát (Rákóczi híd)–Rómaifürdő


The services operate from 6.30 till 20.30, but lines D-11 and D-12 are in operation only on weekdays.


For current ticket types and prices, visit


Coach stations in Budapest


Coach departures to eastern Hungary:


Budapest, Hungária körút 48-52.


Coach departures to Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre:


Budapest, Árbóc u. 1-3.


Coach services to Transdanubia and international coach services:


Budapest, Üllői út 131.


Departures to Zsámbék and the Zsámbék area:

Széna tér

Budapest, Széna tér 2.


Public transportation of majorHungarian cities: