Most Hungarians are convinced that the rest of the world just doesn't get them. They are right. True, much of the world thinks highly of Hungarians for reasons ranging from their heroism in the 1956 revolution to their genius as mathematicians, physicists, and financiers. But Hungarians do often seem to be living proof of the old joke that Magyars are in fact Martians: they may be situated in the very heart of Europe, but they are equipped with a confounding language, extraterrestrial accents, and an unearthly way of thinking.*


Hungarians even have red-white-green blood, but where these colors come from, and what that means to be Hungarian?


Our Hun pagan history is going on in the national tricolor:


Red is the color of the sun

White is actually silver of the moon

Green is the color of Mother Earth


No one knows for sure what kind of language we speak. Theory after theory after theory... They all have to consider that we do come from Turania, nowadays our alphabet does consist only of 44 letters. More importantly, we have written with runes, just like the Celts, but not on paper, on sticks. It was carved just like Persian signs from right to left. Maybe it is the reason why we are so strange in the eye of other European folks. Maybe this is embedded in our genes doing things vice-versa.

For example in China, they teach to children, that Hungarians are white Huns, so we are somehow related because the yellow Huns also knows as Mongols are the brother-nation of the Chinese people. Long story short, Hungarians are writing their family name first, just like in East Asian cultures, as well as in Southeast Asia Cambodia and Southern and North-Eastern parts of India. But we can not forget the fact, that our alphabet was runic, that supports the Etruscan connection theory.


So it is true, we are Martians!


*Source: The Essential Guide to Being Hungarian: 50 Facts and Facets of Nationhood