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Most train lines in Hungary use Budapest as a central point, which is the most common place for transfers. Although the train network has lines connecting cities and towns, to reach your final destination quickly, it is sometimes faster to travel through Budapest.


Budapest has three major train stations. Budapest's Eastern Railway Station is the largest of the three international railway stations in Budapest. This is the station you arrive when traveling from the west. It is the perfect welcome to Budapest, the nineteenth-century building has an imposing front facade defined by a huge elliptical arch.

The facade of the station is adorned with statues of James Watt a Scottish engineer and inventor who made changes to the steam engine to make it more efficient, and George Stephenson was an English mechanical engineer known as the father of railways. The magnificent murals inside the station are by Hungarian artists Károly Lotz and Mór Than. You'll find an abundance of gold leaf and other ornate touches inside the main hall, which has been beautifully renovated.


Keleti pályaudvar - Eastern Railway Station

Budapest, Kerepesi út 2-4.


Déli pályaudvar - Southern Railway Station

Budapest, Alkotás utca 1.


Nyugati pályaudvar - Western Railway Station

Budapest, Teréz körút 55.


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Coach stations in Budapest


Coach departures to eastern Hungary:


Budapest, Hungária körút 48-52.


Coach departures to Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre:


Budapest, Árbóc u. 1-3.


Coach services to Transdanubia and international coach services:


Budapest, Üllői út 131.


Departures to Zsámbék and the Zsámbék area:

Széna tér

Budapest, Széna tér 2.


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